Golden Santorini opened in 1976.

The vision of Rena Mendrinou, the first woman jewellerer of the island, comes true and the shop fills with beautiful creations made of gold combined with precious stones. In the following years, Rena and her husband, Raymond Khan, begin to design their own collections.

In 2001 they open a second jewellery shop called Caldera Jewelery. A place inspired - as its name reveals- by the magnificent view of the caldera.

In 2010 their daughter, Georgia Khan, graduated from the famous Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) and became the buyer of all the precious stones, picking only stones of the best quality.

Today, these two shops have been unified in the Caldera Jewellery building, offering a unique experience of choosing the pieces of your dreams while admiring the wonderful view of the caldera.

Golden Santorini in Caldera Jewellery combines the knowledge conquered by the experience of more than forty years with modern techniques and trends from all over the world.