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Find all the collections of Golden Santorini in Caldera Jewellery, by selecting the pieces that will make your appearance even more special. Gold and precious stones are perfectly combined in glamorous and elegant combinations.

Choose the pieces that suit your style or find the perfect gift for your beloved ones from the Classic, Byzantine or Rena's Collection.

The classic jewellery pieces of Golden Santorini in Caldera Jewellery are real masterpieces and are divided into two categories, the collection Greca and the Byzantine collection.

Drawing their inspiration from archaic patterns, iconic designs of Ancient Greece and Byzantium, we suggest a series of unique jewellery creations that never lose their elegance, value and beauty.

  • The Greca Collection

    The jewellery collection Greca is inspired by Ancient Greece. Classic designs that remain unchanged over time give extra touches of refined taste to your appearance and constitute a first class gift for your beloved ones.

  • The Byzantine Collection

    The style of Byzantine with the iconic jewellery and their patterns become a timeless inspiration for creating jewellery that combine beauty with excellent taste for unique gifts.

"Rena's collection"

Every piece of jewellery in this collection is unique as they are all designed by the owner, Rena Mendrinou, exclusively for Golden Santorini in Caldera Jewellery. Extraordinary pieces that will give beauty and elegance to your appearances.